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About Cacak

About Cacak

Cacak is a city recognisable for its preserved architecture, combining the modern style of construction and the preserved ambience units. One of the largest cities in Serbia, Cacak has developed through a number of different stages, each making a contribution to the city’s rich memorial heritage and leaving a mark on its centuries-long history.

Cacak is a city of sport and a home to numerous sports clubs. The wealth of sports grounds and sports facilities in the city and its surrounding area offer excellent opprotunities for sport and recreational activities and events.

Of course, one must not forget the river of Zapadna Morava, with its increasingly popular offer of events and places of interest.

Only a few kilometres away from the city of Cacak are its spas, villages, monasteries and cultural and historic memorials. The outstanding natural beauty of the Ovčar and Kablar gorge, the mountains of Ovčar and Kablar, the river lakes and the meanders of the Zapadna Morava, the rich flora and fauna are all well worth a visit during even a short stay in Cacak.The cultural scene of the city and its wider area is very dynamic, including events such as ‘Dis Spring’ poetry festival, the ‘Nadežda Petrović Memorial’, the Balkan Visual Arts Biennale, the Days of Photography in Serbia… The traditional Flute Festival is organised in the village of Prislonica near Cacak, as a competition of the best traditional flute players of Serbia and an event heralding traditional and indigenous arts and crafts

.As a special feature of the diverse tourist offer, Cacak is well known for the large number of restaurants and catering facilities; in summer, the myriad restaurant and café gardens attract crowds of visitors looking for a good time in the company of their families or friends, or simply enjoying a taste of the great variety of specialities of the Serbian cuisine offered by the Cacak restaurants. The impressions of the domestic and foreign visitors are recommendation enough for every new visitor to try some of the famous specialities of the Cacak region.

The valuable memorial heritage and its natural beauties make Cacak and its surrounding area recognisable and a highly desirable destination