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Bearing the name of the local village of Gornja Trepča, this unique spa located only 130 km away from Belgrade is probably best known by its other name, ‘The Atomic Spa’. Surrounded by wooded hills and mountains sides at an altitude of 460 m, the Atomic Spa of Gornja Trepča represents a unique oasis of peace and quiet. Owing to its location, the spa combines the moderate continental with the mountain climate, offering pleasant weather conditions to visitors all year round. The rich flora, dense deciduous forests and meadows sprinkled with flowers and medicinal herbs, provide an inexorable source of invigoration for the body and mind.

The special hospital for rehabilitation comprises several buildings (the new ‘Vujan’ facility was opened in May 2012), with a total of 122 accommodation units and 277 beds. The buildings are modern and fully adapted to the needs of the patients, including the most demanding of the visitors, offering accommodation in single and double rooms or apartments. The proverbial politeness and care for every guest contribute to the pleasant stay in this facility.

Award of ISO and HCCP standards are an additional confirmation of the high standard of service in line with the most demanding European requirements of the medical, hotel and tourist services provided locally.

The collaboration with numerous associations of the Multiple Sclerosis patients from all over European Union and the contracts with health security funds from several countries are probably the best reference for the services provided in the spa.

In the summer months, the spa is the venue of the Summer Culture festival, with a number of concerts, theatre perfomrances, literary evenings and exhibitions.

A stay in the Atomic Spa is an opportunity to explore the rich traditional and modern customs of Central Serbia. The visitors’ package includes visits to places of rich cultural and historic heritage of this part of Serbia, including the monasteries in the Ovčar and Kablar gorge, the Vujan monastery, the archaeological sites in Cacak and the surrounding area. There are also the excursions to some of the most interesting destinations in the wider area, including Mokra Gora, Zlatibor, Terzića avlija theme park and the Potpećka cave.

Thermal mineral water, indications and rehablitiation

Thermal mineral water of the Gornja Trepča Atomic Spa is mildly alkaline, hydro-carbonate, oligo- mineral and acrato-thermal, having a temperature 29.8°C. Its pH value ranges between 7.4 and 7.5, which reflects its slightly alkaline character.

The analyses of the water conducted during the previous 60 years (Institute for Medical Hydrology and Climatology, Institute for Geological and Mining Research, Institute for Rehabilitation and others) have shown that the water is of a stable physical and chemical composition and temperature). This additionally confirms the supposition that the waters are of juvenile volcanic origin. The capacity of the source is 13.9 litres per second.

Owing to its specific physical and chemical characteristics, the water is a true rarity. Its unique concentrations of micro and macro elements, as well as its radioactive elements and their interactions, contribute to its specific medical effects, especially the effects on the nerve and muscle The mineral waters tested in the territory of Gornja Trepča are conducive to medical rehabilitation of patients recovering from neurological diseases, and it has been found to be particularly efficient in treating Sclerosis Multiplex, rheumatic diseases (inflammatory and degenerative), as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and peripheral blood vessels.tissues.

This is one of the best researched thermal mineral waters in the territory of our country, and the first analyses of the water date back to 1904 (Dr Zege).

The water temperature makes it suitable for rehabilitation of cardio-vascular patients, under proper supervision of the doctor. The comprehensive balneo-physiotherapy is conducted in therapeutic blocks equipped with the most modern medical infrastructure, including hydrotherapy, kin, hand massage and other. The high quality of the medical service is additionally reinforced by the team of expert staff including specialist doctors in several areas of medicine (physiotherapy specialists, neurologists, rheumatologists, physicians), physiotherapists, nurses and other staff. The spa has a unique reputation in Europe and is particularly known for its outstanding results in the rehabilitation of Multiple Sclerosis patients.