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Rural tourism

Rural tourism

The Cacak region has favourable conditions for the development of countryside tourism. These primarily include the preserved nature, mild climate and fresh air, as well as rich flora and fauna. These favourable conditions are especially present in the area of Ovčar and Kablar gorge, on the mountain slopes of Ovčar, Kablar, Jelica and Vujan. A stay in the country presents the visitors with an opportunity to engage in walking, recreation, organised trips and excursions to one of the local caves, springs, monasteries, a fishing or a hunting tour, mountaineering, picking forest fruits and medicinal herbs, or any other activity in the nature.

According to one’s own preferences and interest, tourist are also welcome to take part in daily farm work. Tradition, folklore, traditional music, local customs and other ingredients of the rural way of life can be presented to the tourists through a number of tourist events and traditional festivities.

Villages in the area surrounding Cacak and the villages in Dragačevo hold special attraction, being typical examples of mountain villages, where the households offering the services of rural tourism provide visitors with an opportunity to enjoy idyllic landscapes, fresh air, as well as locally produced healthy food.

Villages in the mountains of Ovčar, Kablar and Vujan are located at the favourable altitude, within areas of outstanding natural beauty and sub-mountainous climate, typically close to cultural and historic monuments and the two spas. Owing to this, they represent the right choice for tourists who love nature and active holiday in the countryside.


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