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Active holdiay

Active holdiay

Ovčar and Kablar mountains are a popular destination for mountaineers who love exploring the local network of marked mountain routes. The tracks may vary in level of difficulty and length, but they all offer the unique pleasure of mountain hiking and the breath-taking views of the Ovčar and Kablar gorge. The lookout at the top of Kablar has a special place in the memory of numerous tourists, offering the view of the meanders of the Zapadna Morava, amidst the silhouettes of distant mountain ranges encircling the city of Cacak, and the impressive panorama of the winding course of the river glistening in the valley surrounded by steep mountains, running towards the bustling city life on its banks.

The river offers good conditions for sport fishing, and the area of the Ovčar and Kablar gorge has a number of fishing trails.

Sailing on a catamaran gliding across the water surface through riverside greenery is an experience mixing the towering mountain landscapes, vistas of monasteries and the flying birds. The sounds of nature, the water and the greenery can be reason enough for a moment of quiet repose. Taking a ride on a mountain bike, a canoe or a kayak trop on the river are all within the reach of the lovers of active holiday in Ovčar and Kablar gorge.

Mountain climbing , as an extreme form of mountaineering is becoming increasingly popular among sport lovers striving for especially high levels of mental and physical fitness. The extreme sports club ‘Armadillo’ organises mountain climbing lessons within the winter and summer courses, open to visitors who would like to try this attractive discipline.

For all those who are interested and curious enough, this is a place to experience the unbelievable feeling of underwater breathing, as part of diving courses organised in Ovčar Banja.

A true challenge and a close encounter with the nature awaits lovers of paragliding opting for a local glide on the mountains of Ovčar and Kablar. From the starting point on the top of the Ovčar mountain, the gliders set out to enjoy the view from the heights, passing over the mountain sides, the wooded slopes, the river and the river lakes. These are the thrilling moments to treasure, to explore the new spaces and expand one’s own frontiers.